'Earth Heart'
, the first painting of the 'Vibrant Life' series, is inspired by Nature and the pulsating energy flowing through the cells in the chambers of the heart. [see more paintings]

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Explore and experience Qi energy resonance within and around, above and below in self, nature and beyond… here you will find:

Honouring sacred landscape, integrating the rich cycles of nature and appreciating the patterns of the heavens breathes fresh life into our practices and creativity.This ever-changing sensitive web connects and supports us all.

The common thread running through all my work is the aim to share practices which encourage authenticity and a deep connection with the body, nature and the living universe for an energetic meaningful sense of empowered well-being and conscious evolution in the midst of challenging yet inspiring change.This involves being aware of inner processes and our place in the ‘bigger picture’ yet still having our feet firmly rooted in the everyday world.

Jeanne Hampshire


Qigong on the North Cornwall cliffs.

'After the sessions all the children came in very calmly and ready to concentrate on their work'
Feedback from ‘Life Spheres of Health and Energy’ project at Tregolls School, Cornwall. Find out more about innovative good practice.

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