Feedback: 'Thank you for creating my beautiful chart - along with the transits book, it has helped me flow with big life changes'
- Becky F


'Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring map for me. This is priceless and will help me steer my way forward courageously and joyfully through the challenges and 'highs' that lie ahead'
- Annie F

As above, so below...

Astrology reveals how human beings mirror the celestial dance of the Universe: the time, date and place of our birth marks our relative position in the greater scheme of things. Your astrological chart is a unique blueprint or personal map and ultimately you are the only person who can fully navigate its footpaths, roads and landscapes to experience wholeness.

The birth chart, like a mandala, is a sacred space within which there is total balance and harmony. Meditating with this sacred image allows you to return home to your primordial core as the energies of the planets and qualities of the Zodiac signs reflect and light up insights about self, relationships and our place in the family, world and cosmos.

Astro-mandala portrait with Astro-guidebook:

Is a totally unique birth chart drawn around a copy of your favourite photo self-portrait (high resolution JPG to be supplied by you) on an original zodiac wheel design and presented in a 270mm Deep Pol White square mount with backing card ready for framing. Accompanying the 'Astro-mandala portrait' is an 'Astro-guidebook' with personal astrological details and aspects chart. The 20+ page guidebook contains information about the energy patterns and affirmations for the zodiac signs, planet keywords, details about the elements, Ascendant and house divisions and meditations with exercises and movements for consciously harmonizing your chart. Included, is a short section describing personal potentials shown in the birth chart. The whole Astro package is a truly special and meaningful gift to yourself or another.

Cost: Contact Jeanne for details of VARIOUS OPTIONS - 90 minute astrological consultations are available (2 or 3 sessions needed for exploring natal chart and current planetary transits) Further sessions are tailored to individual choices with use of meditation, movement and creativity to deepen understanding of your chart to fulfil your highest potential. OTHER OPTIONS - if you facilitate retreats, I offer an 'ASTRO MANDALA' service that outlines and describes the current positions and aspects of the planets so that the energies are harnessed and guided in the most beneficial ways.

Astro-mandala portrait, Astro-guidebook with Current Planetary Transits Booklet:

Details as above plus A4 size booklet describing the significance of each outer planet transit with relevant personal questions to ask and details of the current year's outer (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) planetary aspects which significantly relate to your birth chart.

Cost: Contact Jeanne for details of various options

Required information:

Please email details of full name, time, date and place (and country) of birth to Please also attach a photo in JPG format to be used as the central image of your chart. If your time of birth is unknown, an Astro-mandala chart is constructed with a 0 degree Aries Ascendant and no house divisions. The short personal information section in the Astro-guidebook will be less accurate and detailed than 'known birth time' versions. However, the Astro-mandala and Astro-guidebook still display and describe planet in sign placements and the relationships between them.

Special note:

The astrological geometry of each 'Astro-mandala' is hand-drawn and the personalised sections of the 'Astro-guidebook' and Transits booklet are written based on the specific birth data supplied (no astrology software 'print outs' are used). This means every commissioned 'Astro-mandala' package takes 2 - 3 weeks to complete so please be patient! 'Exploring Astrology' classes and one to one sessions are also available

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