Jeanne's Biography

I trained as an artist at Sheffield Art College and Reading University incorporating photography to explore ideas of change and time in natural environments. For 8 years I taught art and photography in Secondary Schools and visited Cornwall in all seasons excited by the wild, ancient landscape and the constantly changing atmosphere of the sea. In 1979 I moved to the magical Rocky Valley area on the North Cornwall Coast and continued my own art and photography practice as well as teaching in schools and facilitating creative arts workshops for adults and children.

For over 25 years Tai-chi/Chi-Kung/Taoist study, training and practice has revitalized the core aspect of my life and I have added to this precious treasure chest, a variety of ancient and modern exercises and practices which encourage a connected and meaningful sense of well-being. My passion is to share these gifts with children and young people as well as with adults. I regularly update intensive training regarding child protection and family issues which affect behaviour, emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

My background as an artist combined with Chi energy based experience has led to the 'Vibrant Life' series of paintings and writings which are inspired by the free-flowing pathways of energy in the organs and different body systems. The 'Elements of Nature' prints portray a sense of mysterious journeying through various shifting layers of the elements and emotions to merge with nature.

The landscape and sacred sites are the setting for 'Sacred Journeys' courses which explore sound, toning and resonance to release 'stuck or blocked' energy, revitalise the body and celebrate our innate connection to all aspects of the living world and universe.

'Vibrant Life' and 'Elements of Nature' prints are in private collections in New York, Canada, Belgium, Ireland and Germany and are exhibited in Art Galleries and Health Centres throughout the UK.

Qualifications: BA Honours Fine Art, PGCE, Foundation Taoist Teacher Certificate, Advanced Taoist Teacher Certificate, Chi Healing Certificate, 'Naked Voice' Intensive Voice Training Certificate

For workshop services I am fully insured with Enhanced Disclosure CRB


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