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Qi Tuning Fork Therapy

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’ - Nikola Tesla.
Taoist medical philosophy works from the principle that illnesses, stresses and strains are the result of imbalances and energy blockages or dispersions in the body. Emotional, mental and physical stresses affect the whole body’s energy flow.

What is Qi (or chi) Tuning Fork Therapy?
Qi literally means intrinsic energy which flows fluidly and exists in all life forms. Harmony, vitality and health depend on the free flow and circulation of Qi energy within the body. If a body area or system is weak or congested it’s as if there is a rogue violinist playing ‘out of tune’ with the rest of the orchestra; it is out of harmony. The different specific frequencies and vibrations of the tuning forks help to sonically cleanse and harmonise imbalances and then allow the body’s natural qi healing energy to flow to areas most in need and disperse congested energy. Gradually, the emotional, psychological and physiological levels of energy are realigned so that the whole being is able to return effortlessly to a state of balance, deep relaxation and well being.

Individual sessions
Therapy sessions are given in a beautiful studio on a treatment couch with the client fully dressed. Long lasting and powerful healing results are best maintained by those who regularly practise recommended simple meditations and exercises as this helps focus the awareness on balancing and circulating energy in the body. Contact me for details of 'distant' tuning fork healing sessions; these work very powerfully in your own home environment, many testimonials. You do not need to be ‘ill’ to benefit from these sessions; they are uniquely relaxing and nourishing…a precious time to tune in and tune up...

Client feedback:
‘Jeanne is a gifted sound healer facilitator and I trusted her knowledge and natural talent in this modality 100% - I am deeply grateful’
‘I absorbed every single minute particle of each sound…this felt nourishing like a sound tonic/elixir’
‘After the session, I had no pain and could move the affected fingers more freely...’

If you would like more details, to book an appointment or simply to find out how Qi Tuning Fork Therapy can benefit, please contact Jeanne at

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