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Inspired by the vibrant energy flowing through pathways of the human body in harmony with nature.

"Delicate energies and vibrant power with words of appreciation and gentleness. Very positive messages which penetrate to our inner space through the windows of our eyes. Valuable, dynamic art."

'Vibrant Life' exhibition feedback

Vibrant Life Gallery

Print Information

Approximate sizes:
280 x 400mm in a 400 x 530mm mount.

Mounted Print Presentation:
Limited Edition of 500 prints. Each individualised glitter-dusted Giclee print is printed on acid-free 310gsm German Etching paper from the superb Hahnemuhle collection and is signed, has certificate of authenticity and double window mounted with sturdy backing board for ease of framing.

Vibrant Life Limited Edition Giclee Prints
Please enquire about sales and delivery costs for UK, Europe, US and International.

Vibrant Life Gratitude Letters:
A5 size translucent, laminated appreciation poem-letters with ribbon. New versions on fine art paper in progress...

Gratitude Letters Set 1:
Letters to the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver and Spleen. Total of 5 letters.

Gratitude Letters Set 2:
Letters to Chi Energy, the Body Cells, Spine, Thyroid and Ovaries. Total of 5 letters.

Gratitude Letter Sets Price: £28.00

Gratitude Letters UK Postage & Packing: £2.00

Excerpt from Heart gratitude letter:
'You are the central light of my life - your everlasting flame is the orbiting sun of eternal spirit pulsating, whirling with the celestial spheres. Everything revolves round your warmth and light...'

Excerpt from Spine gratitude letter:
‘I literally cannot resist you as I am wrapped exquisitely around your sinuous core that constantly supports my very existence...’

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