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Caring for Carers with Qi

These courses aim to give carers an opportunity to replenish precious energy using a variety of easily learnt practices that can be integrated into a busy and challenging everyday life. We learn how to slow down and give ourselves nurturing space, deepen the breath, relax and let go of any unhealthy stress. Then we explore simple, well-tested, Qi (life energy) movements/exercises which conserve, generate and circulate energy to give calmness and the ‘feel-good’ factor. This takes place in an understanding group that supports and honours each individual in an atmosphere of total acceptance and nourishment. Carers are able to return to ‘caring mode’ feeling recharged with a ‘toolkit’ of ‘do-it-yourself’ practices.

‘When I enter the room I experience a feeling of relaxation. It is a time to escape being a carer with all the demands emotionally and physically. It helps to get things into perspective and keep calm with whatever challenges you are faced with and see them in a different light. Instead of panicking when I have a lot to do I remain calm and get things done quicker because of this.’
JM, Wadebridge Carer.

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