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Qi Movements and the Elderly

How can Qi movements specifically benefit the elderly?
The movements can be practised from standing or seated positions (some movements can be adapted for bedridden patients) stimulating physical and mental flexibility with a sense of graceful enjoyment. With regular practice, greater strength and balance are evident thereby considerably reducing serious injuries from falls. The gentle yet powerful nature of the movements aids circulation particularly in the hands, feet and legs. Practising the movements together creates a silent feeling of unity and relaxed pleasure as this activity has done for many hundreds of years!

My oldest student is 97 years old! I facilitate regular Qigong sessions for Residents and Staff Professional Development/ Stress Management in Care Homes.

‘Different clients have benefited including people with asthma who have found the movements have helped their breathing. Clients with stiff joints have had improved mobility.’
Eves Carkeek, Manager White House Care Home, Bodmin

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